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Нож Boker Plus Jim Wagner RBB Fixed EDC BOKER


We have been asked to develop a fixed blade knife that is more suitable for every day use than the RBB Fixed Tanto. So here it is: the brandnew Boker Plus RBB Fixed EDC.

The curved edge of the 440C stainless steel blade provides powerful and effective cutting performance. The screwed handle scales are made of aluminum and have the proven RBB profile. With handle scales removed, the RBB Fixed EDC still gives a good grip and provides a flat profile when attached to the belt. It is also possible to attach a Paracord-wrapping to the knife which makes it rest comfortably in the hand (Paracord is included). With a thickness of 5 mm and a blade length of 3.54", the RBB provides great stability for a wide range of cutting tasks and the replaceable glass breaker gives this knife an expanded range of applications.

The RBB Fixed EDC comes with a kydex sheath that adapts the contours of the handle scales, giving the knife not only a coherent look but also a maximum of protection and hold as well.

Техн. данни

Дължина: 20,8 cm
Острие: 9,0 cm
Тегло: 200 g
Дебелина: 5,0 mm
Стоманаl: 440C
Дръжка: Алуминий
Дизайнер: Jim Wagner

 Арт. No Име Цена Мерна единица Общо 
117772Нож Boker Plus Jim Wagner RBB Fixed EDC BOKER180,00 лв. бр. лв.