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Armasight AIM Advanced Integrated Mount


Armasight Advanced Integrated Mount for Night Vision Monoculars ANKI000001 is an Advanced Integrated Mount (AIM), which encloses a collimated electronic red-dot reticle, dedicated windage and illumination adjustments, imagea collimating output window, a light diode, and a power supply compartment in a single mount. With this Armasight night vision accessory, you can convert your common weapon-mountable night vision monocular into a powerful night vision weapon sight in a matter of a minutes. The Arma-Sight AIM Night Vision Monocular Mount will give your favorite firearm quick target acquisition capability in both poor lighting and no lighting situations.

Because of the advanced, 0-to-11 calibrated reticle illumination system on the Arma Sight Night Vision Monocular Advanced Integrated Mount, you can keep your hold on the target in total darkness. The optimized adjustments of the night vision accessory make the zeroing in and aiming procedures very easy and comfortable for the operator. Armasight has packaged the Advanced Integrated Mount with two Weaver/Picatinny mounting brackets, each of them capable of receiving both the AIM and the night vision monocular on its base, pre-aligned into a precision night vision optical sighting system. The quick release mounting brackets will benefit police and military officers involved in time-sensitive battlefield operations. The Armasight Advanced Integrated Night Vision Monocular Weapon Sight Mount is the everyday accessory to carry for those who want to convert their handheld monocular into a night vision target sight.

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