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Активни антифони Deben Stereo


This new electronic hearing protection has been designed to meet the demands of the shooter. The stereo circuitry amplifies quieter sounds but only allows maximum of 85dB at the ear, thus cutting out harmful noise such as gunshot.

  • Compact folding design prevents interference with gunstock.
  • Stereo sound with individual ear volume adjustment.
  • External batteries, 2x AAA per ear (included)
  • Approximately 300hrs battery life
  • Compresses harmful sounds and noises to below 85dB

Additional Features:

  • NRR 23dB
  • CE Approved PR EN 55013:2001 55020:2007
  • +A1:2003 +A1:2006


 Арт. No Име Цена Мерна единица Общо 
DebenАктивни антифони Deben Stereo119,00 лв. бр. лв.