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Компютърна система за измерване Easton Mapping System


The Bow Force Mapper System opens a new realm of bow- tuning performance.

* Measures and displays peak weight and holding weight.
* Calculates the stored energy and the power stroke of a bow.
* Measures and records the complete bow draw force curve.
* Downloads all information and complete force curve to the easton Arrow chronograph for printing, advanced arrow selection, and Pc download.
* Increases accuracy over spring scales for tournament verification.

B. Arrow Chronograph and Shaft Selector
The first chronograph designed from the ground up for use specifically with arrows.

* Downloads and prints the unique bow draw force curve from the Bow Force mapper.
* Measures and displays the details of a bow set up.
* Prints:
* draw force curve
* cam type
* specific arrow selection recommendations
* pin-gapping chart

* Downloads detailed bow draw force curve to a PC.
* Provides advanced arrow ballistics with pin-gapping printout.
* Calculates downrange KE of the arrow & point combination.
* Measures arrow speeds for improved accuracy.
* Provides a full statistical summary of arrow speed variations.
* Measures accurately and reliably using new technology designed for arrows.


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BMPSКомпютърна система за измерване Easton Mapping System1 350,00 лв. комплект лв.